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Store decorations and renovations are performed by our specialist team. It is of vital importance to design shops in a modern and functional way, in order to attract attentions of customers. The most important aspect is whether products stay in the backgrounds. In the event that products stay in the backgrounds compared to decoration, all works performed go down the drain. Therefore, the subject should be observed and strategy should be performed, accordingly.

As a result of the studies it has been determined that package design which is very important in marketing and sales strategies of all brands operating worldwide are effective on purchasing habits of consumers. Store windows have been designed on the same logic as product packages. It does not matter how much money has been spent on store decoration, if no customer enters into store, the design becomes insignificant.

Store window is the place where customer sees the product for the first time. The first visual contact between product and customer is made through store window. In this sense, store window is the first step for sale. Store windows are constituted within the same logic as the effect of quality of product and its price on sale.