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Real Yapı will not disclose the information, provided by the uses through the web site, to third persons out of the aims and scope determined via confidentiality policy. Personal information include all kinds of information such as; name - surname, phone number and e-mail address, which are used in identifying the user, and they will be referred as confidential information in short. Real Yapı will not disclose the personal information to third persons other than cases defined in this confidentiality policy and user contract. Real Yapı will be able to use the personal information, shared by the visitors, for determining the customer profile and carrying out statistical studies and share them with third persons only for the purpose of carrying out these studies. The right of usage of the three-D drawings displayed on this internet site belongs to the site "roas3d.com" only. Site visitors declare and agree that they acknowledge all demands and explanations of Real Yapı on copyright issues. Real Yapı undertakes to keep personal information definitely private and confidential, to esteem it as a liability for keeping a secret, to take necessary precautions for provision and continuity of the confidentiality and prevention of disclosure of the confidential information to the third persons fully or partially and to be attentive. Nevertheless, although the necessary security precautions are taken, in case these confidential information are damaged or taken by third parties as a result of the attacks against web site and system, Real Yapı shall not be responsible on this issue. Real Yapı shall reserve title right and all design rights of the web site by itself and shall not let others use them. None of the pages, graphics, designs and other factors shall be copied, taken to a different place, quoted, published on the internet by any means and used without permission.