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Flat decoration and your renovation works are performed by our specialist team. People desire to live in their own homes in peace and comfortably, and they would like to be pleased with harmony of their homes. Therefore, flat decoration should be taken into account and all phases should be completed correctly. Everyone desires that their homes look like the same as the home in their dream. While starting decoration, you should be aware what you want primarily. You should decide which furnishings you will use and in which place you will use them and what functions they will have. Otherwise, you may suffer financial loss and at the same time you may not have the decoration you want. Therefore, planning phase should always be taken into account.

When basic elements of turnkey renovation works are made all together, cost loss of customer decreases and delay is avoided. Therefore, labor productivity increases. The works performed by teams during turnkey works are interconnected. It does not matter whether you build a flat or villa. Each step taken without making a business program and performing a realistic cost analysis causes loss of money and loss of time.

Before starting works, a checklist should be made. The works requiring demolition should be listed principally, simple works to be performed with regard to decoration should be ranked as the second. All paint works of interior wall and exterior wall should be performed finally. First of all, decide which areas will be used at the utmost within your place. So that, you may form decoration depending on that area and you may come through easily.