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Furniture has a great significance in human life. The comfort that one needs when coming home after an intensive work tempo can only be obtained by a convenient and well-designed venue. Our company produces wooden decoration solutions for your places such as your house, your office, your villa, bureau and store. Our architects and team who are experts in their field work to form convenient environments for you with high quality material and craftsmanship.

Kitchen cabinets, Bathroom cupboards, Coat checks, Dressing rooms, Wooden stairs, Windows, Wainscots, Sofa suites, Dinner tables, Bookcases, Arbors, Television units, Verandas, Panel room doors, Bedroom suites, Teen and children’s room groups and all other productions you may think of related to wooden work are produced in our workshop within our structure. We would like you to acknowledge that as Real Yapı, we shall be happy to offer the places you have been dreaming about with our modern and classical designs.

Wood is one of the most important construction materials that has reached today from centuries ago. Currently it is still possible to see wooden products from many years ago. There are many reasons why wood has attracted so much attention over the years. Wood is a perfect construction material. It can carry more loads compared to concrete and steel. It is more resistant to natural conditions and chemicals and it is durable at earthquakes. With these characteristics, wood will keep preserving its significance and value even after hundreds of years.