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Do you prepare drawings for your work before starting production and implementation?
Yes, we do. Please click to examine the three-D drawings related to the subject.

I would like to have decoration work done for my house. Therefore, I will make an estimation request of you. However, I am not available during the week as I am working. Do you have estimation services on the weekends?
We have estimation services all days of the week except Sundays.

How do you specify pricing in regards of the work to be carried out in your offer?
We write the work to be done separately with their amounts next to them. Thus, you can see the amount of each work explicitly.

Does your estimation service require any payment?
We have two types of estimation service as paid and unpaid. Our free estimations are those with a quota. In other words, we expect the estimation requests to reach a certain number. When the quota is completed, we carry out our estimations in order. If the other party states that they are in a hurry and request to receive this service immediately, we add an amount of estimation for this. Please contact our company to receive more detailed information about this subject.

Do you guarantee your applications and productions?
We definitely undersign an agreement with our customers before we start production and application. We indicate the materials to be used during application, the products and their application techniques in detail in the agreement along with their amounts. In case the customer makes a request, we can also draw up the agreement by notary approval. In addition, each product that we install during applications has its own guarantee.

How long does it take you to complete the turn-key renovation work of an approximately 100 m2 house?
Along with the productions, it is completed between minimum 20 and maximum 45 working days.

Do you indicate in the agreement what the materials are that you will use in your applications?
All products and materials to be used are indicated in the agreement with their names of brand.

Are the knowledge and experiences of the people working in your team sufficient?
Our human resources department acts very diligently in selecting personnel related to the subject. All our staff in our team comprises people who have been selected carefully, are experts in their fields and who are at a certain education level.

I would like to have decoration work done. Is it possible that you give me a price without any estimation?
As per our rules, we cannot submit an offer without estimation.

Do you render services to all regions of Turkey?
Our service web mostly covers the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul. However, depending on the essence of the project, we can also go to other regions of Turkey. Please contact our company to receive more information about this subject.

I would like to have decoration and renovation work done for my house. But I will purchase the products and materials myself from a different place. Can I just receive application services in such a case?
We render application services only as well.

Do you carry out wooden applications and furniture production specific for the place?
All wooden work production for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, bedroom suites, hall stands, stairs coating and any others that you can think of can be produced in our workshop. Please click for more information about the subject.