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Do you have a wall you want to have demolished or a space to be closed in your residence? Or do you want to have the wall between your living room and kitchen removed, and have an American-style kitchen? Or do you want to have the party wall in your bedroom demolished, have the balcony closed with a PVC window and have a large and functional bedroom?

From now on, your abodes will not look small to you and you will have brighter indoors. It is possible to do little amounts of demolition and repair on the account that the load-bearing columns in the residence are not damaged. This completely depends on what you want from your residence and how you want to create a comfortable and peaceful living space.

If the areas to be cut and drilled correspond to columns and joists, you must have core cut done. Hammer drills and similar tools are damaging and prohibited since they cause vibration. They decrease load carrying and resistance because they damage the fusions of metal and concrete parts of your building. Whatever the company or the builder you are working with says regarding this, insist on core cut for safety decidedly; because core cut is the healthy and real solution due to the fast-friction and non-vibration of cyclical and diamond pointed cutting tool.